Understanding the Importance of Cleaning Eyes Every Day

Maintaining eye hygiene is often forgotten. Unconsciously exposed to dust, dirt, or other foreign matter, which can interfere with vision and daily activities. This condition is certainly very troublesome, especially if you are a contact lens user. When dust, dirt, or other foreign objects get into your eyes, you might rub your eyes to clean them. However, these habits can make your eyes easily irritated and risk causing vision to blur. Therefore, it is very important to maintain eye hygiene routinely every day, in the right way. When should the eyes be cleaned? The eye is a very complex organ and is equipped with parts created specifically to protect it from exposure to dust, dirt, or other foreign matter. Even so, these foreign objects may still enter the eye and cause its function to be disrupted. Exposure to foreign objects can make the eyes become irritated and become red, can even cause inflammation in the eye. To prevent this from happening, you need to clean your eyes in
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